Buy Louis Vuitton the Smart Way

Buy Louis Vuitton the Smart Way

You are probably thinking, doesn’t she talk about saving money? And now she is talking about a Louis?

YUP. I love this bag. I had been eyeing it for months and tried it on. I made sure it would look good with various outfits. I checked out ALL the stores that are selling it and tried to see the best deal.

These types of bags don’t go on sale by any means. But there are still deals that can make your wallet hurt less when buying expensive things. The theme of this blog is to live life, but to be responsible. Living life (fully) means different things to different people. I enjoy a nice purse and shoes once in a while and its ok! Just make sure you are buying it for yourself – not to impress others. And make sure you like it!

So how did I buy this $3,300 bag? I planned for it. I knew I loved the bold and trendy look so I tried to cut costs in other ways. I didn’t eat out with my colleagues, didn’t buy new clothes, and honestly just tried to be more mindful of my spending. Bloomingdales lets you use their reward cards on the LV brand so that also saved me money.

Here are some tips to buying luxury-ish items the smart way:

  1. Make sure YOU want it. My husband told me the bag was ugly. My mom was quiet when I showed her the picture of the bag. (When is a mom quiet?!) I didn’t care. I knew I loved it.
  2. Be patient. If you still want the bag, bracelet, whatever a few weeks after you see it, then you know you want it.
  3. Be savvy. Start looking at department stores that carry the bag (or whatever awesome thing you’re eyeing!). Make this expensive purchase worth it! By that I mean get as many store points as possible, or as much cash reward cards as possible towards another purchase. I once bought an expensive bracelet and got back almost half the money in rebates and reward cards! Stores like Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth and Neiman Marcus all have great deals like this. If its something you can buy online, make sure you use a site like Honey or Ebates to put some money back in your bank!
  4. YAY! You got it! Don’t regret it and don’t feel stressed about the cost. You deserve nice things, but we all need to be responsible when buying these “nice” things. Keep hustling, keep saving, and don’t forget to treat your self.



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