Top Facial Moisturizer Breakdown!

Top Facial Moisturizer Breakdown!

The top 2018 facial moisturizers was just ranked by Total Beauty. Just in time because I need to restock. Number one moisturizer is the pricey Toleriane Fluide Emulsion sold for $29.99. Being a curious consumerist and allergist, I had to see what makes up this 30 dollar facial lotion.


  • Price. 30 bucks! For 40mL. I use a lot of face lotion and this probably won’t even cover me for one month.
  • No SPF! Face lotion without SPF gets to be ranked number one? Eh.. strike 2. I don’t like applying a million things in the morning and buying an extra product for SPF seems wasteful.
  • The main ingredient is water, no surprise there.
  • The second ingredient (meaning the 2nd most concentrate ingredient) is squalane. Squalane is thought to be a natural moisturizer and is found in olive oil and shark liver. Other benefits include
    • Lacks the oily feel
    • Non-comedogenic
    • Has antibacterial properties
    • May help decrease fine wrinkles and combat free radical from UV damage
  • Given that squalane can be derived from sharks, there have been concerns about the shark population.

Purchase or Pass?

Pass for me mainly because of the lack of SPF and the 30 dollar price tag. I am still looking for a good face moisturizer so keep following!

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