Stormy Daniels… Don’t Be Like Her, Know Your Worth!

Stormy Daniels… Don’t Be Like Her, Know Your Worth!

Stormy Daniels… everyone knows her by now. I won’t go into details but she settled for $130,000 after “having fun” with our current President Trump. The first thing I thought when I heard that was “Seriously?! Only 130K?!! That girl does not know her worth!”

This post is by no means condoning the situation. But from every news story, a lesson can be learned. And from this? Girls, know your worth.

Females notoriously don’t negotiate enough, don’t vouch for themselves and honestly it sometimes seems we don’t think we are worth it. This bothers me to no end, which is partly why I started this blog.

Ms. Daniels “had fun” with Trump, a probable billionaire (only IRS knows for sure), real estate mogul, and current leader of the free world. If she understood her situation better, which is that she has the leverage, then why settle for only 130K when that is probably Trump’s pocket change? If she knew what she was worth, which includes his upholding an image of a faithful  committed man, which is incredibly important as POTUS, then she should have asked for more.

Now I obviously have no details regarding this story. Maybe she did bargain up from 50k. Maybe she felt 130K is all she wanted. But the take away? Don’t settle.

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