The Gas Guzzler! How to save money on gas

After filling up my SUV’s tank for what feels like the 4th time this month, (it has not even been 4 weeks in January!) I’m starting to smell the gas fumes on my credit card. Eeew I know.

While driving home after spending another 50 plus dollars on gas, I realized I need to figure out a way to cheat the gas tank. Of course, I have to share my tips!

  1. Plan ahead – Look up gas stations in your area and see which ones have the cheapest rate. You can use apps like Gasbuddy, Fuel Finder or others that tell you the price per gallon.
  2. Do you live at the border of neighboring states? – If so, try looking up to see the different rates. Different states have different taxes. If you’re driving an extra 20 minutes it may not be worth it, but for a few minute detour it may save a good amount of money.
  3. Get off the freeway! – Gas is notoriously more expensive near the freeway. Try to fill up before a big trip to save.
  4. Gift cards – They work at gas stations too! Don’t leave home without checking out gift card sites.
  5. Premium is not better – You may not need premium gas in your car. Why pay extra when it’s not needed?
  6. Credit card or cash? – Cash can save some money per gallon but if you are using a cash back credit card then see how much you get back for gas. It may still be worth using plastic over paper. Plus, you can earn points on your credit card.
  7. Reduce your load – Every 100 pounds can increase your fuel use. This includes racks on the roof (which also affects wind resistance). Clean out your car and see what is actually needed.
  8. Reduce heater and AC – this one is harder to follow because you need to be comfortable. Use it at your discretion.
  9. Car pool – Sharing a ride can be more fun and money saving. Consider it with friends or co-workers.

Any other tips? Let me know how much you are saving!

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1 thought on “The Gas Guzzler! How to save money on gas”

  • It’s good to know that you can save on things we take for granted and can’t wait for sales or deals.! Keep up the good work and keep posting more money saving tips…who doesn’t like to save!!!

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