Project Your Best Self

Project Your Best Self

Being confident is an important quality that is noticed as soon as one enters a room. It’s not a trait that you can easily define, but more like an aura or a sense. Why is it important? Confident people can handle stress better, form more meaningful relationships and are happier.

How do we become confident?

1.Posture – it can be as easy as this! Standing straight and sitting straight delivers the message that you are sure of yourself. It also releases the hormone testosterone (the hormone related to feeling powerful) and you release less cortisol (the hormone related to feeling stressed). Try standing like wonder-woman and see how you feel.

2.Be comfortable with yourself – Do you think you are hilarious? Or very well-read? A great listener? Tell yourself that everyday especially before an important meeting or event. Remind yourself that you are awesome in your own way. Talk to yourself and be your own loudest cheerleader.

3. Know where you need to improve – In line with #2, be honest with yourself. You are amazing but you know of your own shortcomings more than anyone else. Not great with public speaking? Do you worry too much about what others think? Once again, talk to yourself and assess where your weaknesses lie and try to find ways to work on them. Confident people are by no means perfect, but they know what they are good at, where to improve AND confident people know they are worth the effort!

4. Failing is ok! – Not being scared of failure (or being scared but trying anyways) is key in being and building confidence. Failing does not reflect poorly on you unless you let it. Instead, take a step back and re-evaluate the situation. Did you fail an important exam after studying? Try to see what mistakes were made while studying that can be improved upon and don’t let yourself lose confidence. Life is too short to hold back because of fear.


Any tips that you recommend for becoming or showing confidence? Share below!


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1 thought on “Project Your Best Self”

  • Great post! Even more important than self-confidence is self-compassion. Treat yourself as you would treat a friend in difficult situations. That will help you to forgive yourself, learn and move on!

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