My Favorite Low Carb Snacks

My Favorite Low Carb Snacks

As you know by now, I am trying hard to stick to a low carb diet. I just had a sister’s weekend (my two sisters and I meet in a fun city and spend quality time together) and we all decided to enjoy ourselves but practice mindful eating – more on this later.

Life happens, and we need to be adaptable. I wasn’t about to order a salad at brunch in NYC. But after the weekend, the diet resumes!

Below are some ideas for snacks.

1. Apple and peanut butter. Not super low carb BUT it does satisfy the crunchy craving you may have. I also like celery and a nut butter.

2. Tuna salad on endive lettuce. Skip mayo and mix avocado and greek yogurt with mustard and a hot sauce. Put it in the endive lettuce and there you go!

3. High cacao chocolate. Get at least a 71% cacao chocolate bar. Sometimes this is all I need before bed to feel like I didn’t cheat but satisfied a craving/ I just wanted to eat.

4. Peppers and hummus. Can never go wrong with this. Peppers are good on their own too! Check this link out for a good illustration of vegetables and their carb count.

5. Coffee! Not really considered a snack, coffee can help you feel full and comfy. You know I love coffee and had to include it. Black is better but a little creamer never killed anyone.

6. Edamame

7. Hard boiled eggs – add some mustard or spices and its a healthy and filling snack.

8. This is not super low-carb, but I blend together peanut butter, almond milk, cocoa powder and a banana. Sometimes I drink it for breakfast and sometimes an hour before bed so I feel full. It takes 5 minutes and its a filling drink!

Do you have any other favorites? Let me know!

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